Using the Wisdom of the Ancients to Support the Life You Want

This workshop has been created by Judith Wendell and Ligia Elizondo to open a new new door.  For those wishing to learn the principles of feng-shui, this is an unexpected setting in a protected Nicaraguan cloud forest on a private islet on Lake Nicaragua.

pink flowersThe workshop stems from a fortuitous event.  Judith met Ligia in New York, where she was asked to help reorganize her apartment according to feng shui principles and perform a space clearing/blessing ritual there.  Ligia was so pleased with the results that she established a personal rapport which lead to a good friendship.  Ligia invited Judith to visit Nicaragua in order to learn about her native culture and meet with her family and friends.  Judith fell in love with Lake Nicaragua and the rain forest.  This gave rise to the idea of organizing a workshop for those interested in feng shui who also cherish traveling to undiscovered sites.

lgia Elizondo

Ligia Elizondo MSc. London School of Economics ’75, MPA John F. Kennedy School, Harvard University ’92.  Ligia devoted her professional life to public service. Before retiring from a long career in development work, she held senior positions for over two decades at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).   Ligia is shamanic energy medicine practitioner and full mesa carrier from the Light Body School at the Four Winds Foundation.

Judith Wendell on patio

Judith Wendell is the founder of Sacred Currents Integrative Feng Shui Design ( ).  Sh has been dedicated to creating vital and thriving environments for residential and corporate clients since 1999.  She holds a 3 year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program When working with clients Judith incorporates her knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui, Space Clearing & Ritual, Bau-biologie, Nine Star Ki, The I-Ching & Chinese Astrology.  Her studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers in their field.

Judith also completed courses of study in Neurosensory Development with the Downing Institute in San Francisco.  She also completed advanced study at the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in Domaine des Courmettes, France.  For 18 years Judith has attended the School of Practical Philosophy in New York, emphasizing meditation and the great spiritual traditions.

This workshop is open to ten participants: Adventurous souls who appreciate beauty and want to expand their spiritual practice through feng shui and inner reflection. No previous experience or knowledge is required.
During the first half of this extraordinary week at El Bajo you will learn practical applications of feng shui principles.  You can bring love, balance and vitality to each area of your life and environment.  We will first ground our knowledge in the roots and history of feng shui and learn how it developed through centuries of applied use.

native america tee pees

  • We’ll start by identifying the key aspects of feng shui philosophy and recognize how it informs every underlying principle that we will apply.
  • Learn about the orientation of the different schools of feng shui and how they work.
  • Start to cultivate the practices one needs to adopt in order to utilize the necessary information available.

Then we’ll learn to analyze the ‘bagau’ (feng shui template) which is the key tool in this study.

  • There are a multitude of meanings for each of the 9 sections of the bagua. We’ll experience how to apply the bagua to any size room, home office or plot of land.
  • Be able to recall these meanings in order to evaluate an environment and adjust for its advantages and mitigating qualities.

We’ll synthesize the interaction of the Five Elements or Agent of Change

  • To become facile in knowing how the five elements work within the bagua in order to use them to affect the needed influence in an environment.
  • And then recognize how the five elements translate into design used in buildings and décor.

It is useful to learn how to apply feng shui knowledge to land formations, plots and floor plans.

  • What are the characteristics that enhance or detract from a healthy and successful environment?
  • Learn how to determine the correct adjustment for a lot, building shape or landscape.
  • How do we determine ‘missing’ areas and ‘projections’? Does your home support or diminish your love life, finances, and career?
  • Be able to analyzing exterior design details such as waterway, roads, streets, paths, signage, etc and the effects they have on your life.

Identify what internal structural elements and design mean in terms of feng shui.

  • Do you know how your front door is influencing you? How about the effect of sleeping above a garage or across from a bathroom? You will have the ability to recognize and adjust aspects of design the cause energy to be stagnant or be wasted and avoid them in the future.
  • We’ll specifically address issues that influence relationships, health, cash flow and other issues that are important to individuals and business. Recognize problems and identify solutions either in the design or decorating phases.
  • Comprehend the important principle of ‘command position’ and be able to apply it to the boardroom and the bedroom.
  • Learn various techniques for modulating the flow of ‘chi’ or energy when physical changes cannot be made.

Gain the advantage of applying feng shui numerology and transcendental remedies to a person and a site.

  • Discover your 4 ‘best’ directions (Ming Gua) and why it can improve your opportunities.
  • Your Ming Gua is known as your ‘life destiny’ position (from the compass school) and along with the command position (which applies universally) we can enhance our fortunes just from the direction we work and sleep.

Use feng shui to improve your health

  • Learn the Great Sunshine Buddha Meditation & other forms of personal chi cultivation
  • We’ll discover why feng shui is green design and define materials that will enhance the health and affect the efficiency of any environment.
  • Air, water, surface treatments, electromagnetic frequencies are a few of the subjects covered.
For the second half of our retreat we will move to La Gloria Islet on Lake Nicaragua. There we will immerse ourselves in the Shamanic aspects of Feng Shui.  We will perform Mudras, Mantras and Rituals to clear and open our heart and home.  We’ll perform rituals to clear and open our heart and home, in order to welcome what we long for into our life.  The energetic cleansing or clearing of an environment to uplift and enliven the life force of any space is based in ancient rituals practiced in every culture.  Scientists and mystics agree that the universe is composed of energy, which pervades and affects everything in our lives.

Nicaragua photo 11

  • We’ll create an altar for space clearing and blessing, and learn what it should include.
  • We will experience techniques for dowsing energies on the land and in an environment.
  • Learn how to clear stagnant energy from your home and workplace.
  • We will perform specific techniques, rituals, blessings and chants from a variety of traditions.  We will cleanse, consecrate and empower the environment to better support us in fulfilling our intentions and improving the effect of feng shui adjustments.
  • This will include working with smoke and sound techniques.
  • Experience the beauty of making flower offerings and discover how they anchor new intentions into an environment.
This week will be rich in experience and knowledge, the yin and yang of feng shui.  All of our fates will be different in 2017, the New Year of the Fire Rooster.  Knowing we can enhance the auspicious and mitigate the down turns empowers us to create the life we want.  You will leave Nicaragua renewed and equipped to take it on!  This workshop is like no other.