Locations for Workshops and Lodging

Locations for Your Retreat

Carefully chosen locations for mediation, relaxation and peace.

El Bajo

El Bajo is a 1,727 acres private cloud forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary.   This is located in a coffee producing area half an hour away from the capital city of Managua.  The dew that veils this particular area, mostly at sunrise and sunset, nourishes a microclimate of lush vegetation usually found at much higher altitudes.  The reserve was created to protect this unique and ancient spot from population pressure and logging.  This is an effort that enables native fauna and flora to recover, diversify and grow. You can spot new bird and mammal species are nowadays among the centennial Guanacaste and Genizaro trees.  These are two of many endemic species now flourishing in the reserve.

The reserve also supports the development of a community of artists, designers, yogis and musicians.   They have settled in the neighboring community of Santa Julia, under the umbrella of the Apapachoa Foundation that seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle respectful of nature, among other principles.

The feng shui workshop will take place at the reserve.   Twenty individual tepees have been designed and installed to provide unique and luxuriant lodging.  Classes will be held in a natural setting, surrounded by the elements of earth, water, wood and air.  Participants are invited to experience its diverse manifestations in order to encourage creativity and insightful soul connection.

Nourishment is an important part of experiencing mother earth’s bounty.  Participants enjoy amazing vegetarian cuisines based on fresh produce and homemade gourmet products.

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Isleta La Gloria on Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America.  One of its natural wonders is the “Isletas de Granada,” a group of 365 islets.  These are volcanic in origin, formed when the volcano Mombacho blew its cone thousands of years ago.  They are one of the most beautiful aquatic spots and best kept secrets on the continent.  It is well known that ancient tribes understood the sacredness and grace of Lake Nicaragua.  Tribe members created worshiping altars at the many islands used as ceremonial sites.

La Gloria is a luxurious private residence built on one of the islets.  It provides full comfort and maintains a natural relationship to its surroundings.  In this environment participants will experience all the elements, in particular water.  Water, with its cleansing properties, will be the underlying element in the second segment of the course, devoted to rituals and purifications.

The closing ceremony is a fire ceremony where participants will offer their blessings to the holy fire.  The ritual will be followed by a boat tour to enjoy the reflection of the moon and the stars on the inner waterways around the islets.



For your stay at El Bajo are individual “tepees” for housing that overlooks a lake amidst the forest.  Crafted and painted by local artists, each tepee has a double bed, private bathroom and terrace. This unique setting enables exceptional privacy, silent tranquility and close connection to mother earth.  Each tepee is bordered by the lush green flora of the cloud forest.

In La Gloria, a private island and residence, you are accommodated in shared rooms.  Each bedroom is beautifully decorated and acclimatized for optimum comfort.



All local transport is provided to get you to your locations.  A private vehicle will depart from Aeropuerto Augusto Cesar Sandino on Sunday 12th, 2017 in the afternoon – specific time to be determined.  Participants will be taken on private transport from the airport to El Bajo Reserve.  On Sunday 19th transportation is provided from La Gloria back to the airport.

Arrangements, at special request, can be made for those wishing to stay in Nicaragua additional days to be able to visit Granada and the surrounding tourist attractions.

Short, convenient flights are available from Miami and Houston to Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua.  A private vehicle will depart from Aeropuerto Augusto Cesar Sandino on Sunday….

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