Shamanic Feng Shui for the 21st Century: Using the Wisdom of the Ancients to Support the Life You Want

Retreat Workshop in Nicaragua: (Check back for Upcoming Dates)
Learn Shamanic Feng Shui at a beautiful location.

Balance at El Bajo, a 1,727 acres private cloud forest reserve. This divine wildlife sanctuary is located in a coffee producing area half an hour away from the capital city of Managua. A reserve that protects this unique and ancient spot so that it remains pristine from population pressure and logging. Learn practical applications of feng shui principles in a land of natural wonder. Bring love, balance and vitality to each area of your life and environment. We will first ground our knowledge in the roots and history of feng shui. Learn how it developed through centuries of applied use.

Meditate at Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. Among its natural wonders is the “Isletas de Granada,” This is a group of 365 islets of volcanic origin formed when the volcano Mombacho blew its cone thousands of years ago. There we shall immerse ourselves in the Shamanic aspects of Feng Shui. We will perform Mudras, Mantras and Rituals in order to clear and open our heart and home.

Feng Shui Workshop / Retreat

This workshop is open to ten participants: Adventurous souls who wish to appreciate beauty and expand spiritual practice. As a result, you will enrich experience and expand knowledge through feng shui and inner reflection . No previous experience or knowledge is required.

Nicaragua Workshop / Retreat

Shamanic Feng Shui in Nicaragua
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